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Energy Efficient Windows

Worried about energy bills this winter? Window Insulating Film can help keep your home comfortable without having to break the bank.

      • Energy Efficient
      • Applied to existing windows
      • UV Protection
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Get a More Comfortable Home While Saving on Energy Costs

Save Up to 10% on Energy Bills

Carolina Premier can fit your windows with energy efficient Window Insulating Film that will help keep the heat in and the energy bills down. Window film is a smart alternative to the hassle and price of replacing your windows. The benefits of Window Insulating Film work year round by maintaining the temperature of your home.



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How It Works

Unprotected windows allow heat to absorb through their surface. This means that in the summer heat from outside can get in, and during the winter heat can get out. Window Insulating Film is a thin, undetectable layer applied to your existing windows. This film reflects radiant heat away from your windows rather than absorbing it. This process gives you better control of the climate within your home or office without having to overwork your air conditioning or heating systems.

Benefits of Window Insulation Film

Not only will you have better control of the temperature of your home, but you can get the added benefits of window film as well. Your Window Insulating Film will also protect your family from harmful UV rays. You will be able to enjoy natural light without annoying screen glare. Your floors and furniture will also be protected from fading caused by unfiltered sunlight. Window Insulating Film is a much cheaper alternative to replacing your windows, and installation is quick and easy.