Commercial Window Tinting

Carolina Premier specializes in commercial window tinting solutions to reduce heat & glare, increase comfort, protect from vandalism, and increase privacy.

The cost of cooling your commercial buildings is always significant, and keeping your employees comfortable in the hot Carolina climate requires air conditioning. You can reduce the costs associated with cooling with the proper selection of heat reduction films, and we can help you choose the one right for your property. Learn More.
Glare can get in the way of productivity and comfort in commercial and office buildings. Professionally installed sun protection films can help eliminate distracting glare from workspaces and entertainment areas. Learn More.
Protect your commercial furnishings from fading and discoloration associated with UV rays. Up to 99.9% of damaging UV rays can be blocked with the right UV ray protection film. Learn More.
High winds that come with thunderstorms and hurricanes can shatter windows endangering employees, and causing business closures. Safety films designed to hold broken glass together — and even prevent breakage in the first place — can help your business stay open and keep your employees safe. Learn More.
Improve the look of your office space’s interior and exterior windows with professionally installed, customized decorative films. You can create unique atmosphere, increase privacy, and brand your windows with customizable decorative window films for inside and outside your office. Learn More.
Prevent permanent damage due to vandalism with expertly tailored application of anti-graffiti film. Specially designed to protect reflective surfaces ranging from glass to stainless steel, properly installed anti-graffiti films can help reduce the cost of replacement glass and other surfaces. Learn More.
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Commercial Window Tinting in Charlotte, North Carolina

As a commercial property owner, manager, architect, or engineer, you know the value in creating a comfortable environment for your building occupants, while keeping operating costs to a minimum. Whether you’re hoping to save money on energy costs, improve the safety and security of your business, or just make your employees more comfortable, our professionals can help you choose the right window treatment for your commercial properties.

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Sun Control Film and Glare Protection Film

Improve the comfort and energy efficiency of your properties while reducing glare with professional sun control and glare protection films. Untreated windows can lead to hot spots in your offices, and costly utility expenses during the weather extremes common to our region. Carolina Premier Window Films expert installation of sun control films can save your company up to one ton of air conditioning for every 100 square feet of glass exposed to the sun. This helps your business protect the environment while rapidly recouping the investment associated with installation.

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UV Ray Protection to Prevent Interior Fading

Ultraviolet radiation doesn’t just cause sunburns; it fades unprotected furnishings over time. Protect the investment you’ve made in interior office furnishings with professionally installed UV ray protection films. Carolina Premier offers options that can reduce UV exposure by almost 100%, helping your business prevent the costly replacement of sun faded furniture, walls, carpets, and other office essentials.

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Increase Energy Efficiency with Insulating Low-E Film

You can significantly increase energy efficiency — in both summer and winter — with insulating Low-E window films. Designed not to change the appearance of windows, Low-E films can reject up to 97% of the sun’s heat producing infrared radiation while still letting in visible light. The energy savings provided rapidly pay for the film’s installation, and Carolina Premier can help you choose the right option to help reduce costs for your commercial properties, all while helping to protect the environment.

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