Commercial Safety & Security Film

Protect your commercial property and building occupants from damage or injury with commercial safety and security window film.

Window Security Film for Commercial Properties

Carolina Premier Window Films is your go-to source for professional safety and security film installation for your business or commercial properties. We’re here to help you protect your investment from damage to windows with professionally installed window films designed to prevent shattered glass in the event of severe weather, property crime, and vandalism


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Glass Safety Film For Hurricanes & Natural Disasters


Severe weather phenomena such as hurricanes and seasonal thunderstorms are on the rise. The addition of safety films to the windows of your properties can help prevent expensive cleanups and reduce the disruptions to business that come with storms. Films designed to improve the integrity of windowpanes and hold broken glass together are a cost-effective means of upgrading your business’ defense against unforeseen storms.

Window Protection Film For Break-Ins

Improve the strength of your windows with the addition of security film. Acting as a deterrent to criminal entry through windows and explosive blasts, security film is the level of protection your commercial building needs to combat vandalism and break-ins. The additional time required to breach the security of your property is often enough to cause them to move on, securing the safety of your business and your customers.

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HanitaTek Window Security Film Products

HanitaTek’s safety and security products help protect your business from disruption due to crime or severe weather using a variety of available films and appliances to ensure that your windows give your business the integrity it needs.

Options include films focused on protection from weather, impacts and blasts, anti-graffiti, surface protection, privacy improvements, and Impact Protection Attachment systems that bond the window film to the frame of the window itself that significantly increases the integrity of the window beyond film-only solutions. The experts on the Carolina Premier Window Film team can help you design a comprehensive plan for protecting your business from the elements and intruders.

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