Commercial Heat Rejection Film

Reduce heat gain and increase comfort with heat rejection film for your commercial building.

Heat Rejection Film for Your Office or Commercial Building in North & South Carolina

Carolina Premier Window Films are specialists in commercial heat rejection film. Our solar window films are a cost-effective means of improving the energy efficiency of your commercial properties. Let us help you reduce operating costs for your business, while increasing the comfort levels of your tenants and employees.

Our North and South Carolina window film experts can help guide you through choosing the right heat rejection film for your businesses’ needs. We carry the latest films from elite manufacturers such as LLumar® & HanitaTek to help you reduce the sun’s heating effect on your commercial buildings.

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How Can Solar Film Installation Benefit Your Carolina Property?

Carolina’s climate ranges from mountainous and cool in the west to coastal and humid in the east. This varied climate makes the application of solar films a great benefit for your commercial properties no matter where you are located.


The brightness of the Carolina sun’s rays cause heat to transfer indoors through glass windows. This is the primary reason air conditioning costs are so high for your business during our warm summers. In our chilly winters, heat escapes through those same windows, costing you on your energy bill.

Solar film installation can reduce the cost of both cooling and heating your commercial properties by blocking the infrared radiation that warms your building during the summer and by preventing heat loss during the winter. Carolina Premier Window Films’ experts can help improve your commercial property with cost saving solar films.

Increase Tenant Comfort by Reducing Solar Heat Gain

A common tenant complaint to property owners comes in the form of calls about uncomfortably hot or cold buildings. In any large building, it takes time and energy to significantly change the comfort level for tenants. Too often, hot or cold spots in your building lead to expensive and often unnecessary maintenance calls.

You can increase your tenant’s comfort by reducing the solar heat gain your buildings windows encounter with heat rejection films. Film installation evens out hot and cold spots in your buildings, helps you better satisfy your tenants, reduces HVAC maintenance calls, and ultimately saves you money on utility costs. All of this translates to increased tenant retention and satisfaction with reduced expenditures for you.

Carolina Premier Window Films extends an energy rebate program to all eligible commercial buildings, helping you save money through green initiatives. Want to learn more? Contact us today at (980) 238-3531 (NC), (803) 807-2032 (SC) or click here to contact us online!

Solar Film for Buildings, Saving You Money on Energy Costs

Installing solar film for your buildings reduces the heat transfer that occurs when the sun’s rays strike your windows. Blocking that energy transfer with heat rejection treatments helps take the load off your heating and cooling system, saving you money in the long run.

The right window film is capable of blocking up to 75% of the sun’s heating rays, and can help you reduce energy consumption by as much as 15% annually. Reducing consumption means a comparable reduction in the amount you spend on your annual utility costs.

Increase Energy Efficiency with Insulating Low-E Film

Low-E (Low Emissivity) films insulate your windows by preventing heat from escaping and conserving energy in winter and in cooler environments. Your windows are the parts of your buildings most likely to lose heat. Just as heat reduction films save money on cooling costs, low-e films increase energy efficiency to save you money on heating.

Let Carolina Premier Window Films help you choose the best window film to help you insulate your windows, improve the energy efficiency of your green building projects, and save you money on heating and cooling costs.

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