Commercial Glare Reduction Film

Applying glare reduction film for your office or commercial property reduces heat and glare, and increases the level of comfort in your commercial space.

What is Reflective Window Film?

Reflective window film blocks the brighter frequencies of sunlight that come through your windows. This reflects glare, reduces heat gain, and makes it easier to see details on screens and other reflective surfaces. Glare reduction films use a shiny exterior surface to reflect sunlight during the day and artificial light at night.

By directing a portion of the sun’s rays away from the windows and window frames of your building, you filter out unnecessary light that can be distracting, or even damaging to interior furnishings. As a result, these reflective films improve the view from your buildings rather than darken them. We offer a variety of shades, allowing you to balance and customize the glare reduction you need with the natural light you want to keep.

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Glare Reduction Film for Your Office or Commercial Building

One of the most distracting things in an office environment is glare on the computer screens employees use to complete their work. The right application of commercial glare reduction film to your property’s windows can significantly reduce glare without blocking the natural light your tenants or employees depend on.

The Carolina sun can be particularly bright during working hours, which causes significant glare in workspaces and can raise building temperatures. Carolina Premier Window Films can resolve this problem with the application of glare reduction and reflective window films for your office and commercial properties. Improve productivity and reduce distracting glare without sacrificing the views from your buildings’ windows.

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Increase Productivity with Anti-Glare Film for Commercial Buildings

When the sun’s rays produce harsh reflections on flat surfaces, like computer screens and presentation boards, your employees may find it hard to stay on task. By installing anti-glare film, you can increase employee productivity and help them feel more comfortable at their workstations. Reducing the downtime your employees experience as a result of glare also saves you and your clients’ money in the long run. Less glare, fewer variations in indoor temperature, and improved visual detail in your office will help keep your employees happier and more at ease in their work environments — all of which translates to higher quality work and improved productivity.

How Commercial Reflective Window Film Can Reduce Heat Gain

Reflective window films don’t just block visible light; they reduce the transmission of infrared radiation that heats up your commercial buildings and damages furnishings. The right reflective film can also help block damaging ultraviolet rays and reduce heat gain that increases utility costs and energy expenditure. The same heat blocking technologies can help make office spaces more comfortable.

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