Commercial Anti-Graffiti Film

Protect your office, storefront, or commercial building from permanent damage with the installation of anti-graffiti film.

How Does Anti-Graffiti Film Work?

Anti-Graffiti Film protects your commercial business from unwanted tagging and vandalism. The film acts as a protective barrier over your glass surface. If tagging occurs, the graffiti film can be removed, leaving a clean glass surface intact, without the need for an expensive full window replacement or time-consuming cleaning.

Graffiti film can be applied to vertical and sloped glass, mirrors, and stainless steel surfaces. This makes it the perfect film choice for your office building, storefront, buses, and cars.

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Is Anti-Graffiti Glass Film Just for Graffiti Protection?

Our LLumar anti-graffiti glass films can protect your business from vandalism, graffiti, scratches, acid-etching, and gouges. This protective barrier is useful for elevators, escalators, bathroom mirrors, glass counter tops, and stainless steel and glass surfaces. Anti-graffiti glass film is easily applied to the surface of the glass, providing your business with an effective and cost efficient form of protection.

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Protect Your Building from Permanent Damage

Protect your building from permanent damage with anti-graffiti film. When vandalism occurs, the film is removed, leaving your surface in pristine condition. New graffiti film can be easily installed to resume protection.

Anti-graffiti film protects your building from damage both inside and out. Our LLumar anti-graffiti film is the perfect layer of protection against surfaces that are regularly contacted, such as bathroom mirrors, glass counter tops, elevators, and escalators.

Save Money on Removal with Anti-Graffiti Laminate

Eliminating the need for expensive glass replacement, anti-graffiti laminate provides a cost-effective approach to removing graffiti from your storefront or commercial building. A nearly invisible installation and quick removal process make anti-graffiti laminate the best option for your business.

By using anti-graffiti glass film as your primary source of protection, you save on expensive glass replacement. Graffiti film can be reapplied once the previous film has been removed, providing a seamless transition of protection. Anti-Graffiti film may be the right choice for you!

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